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New Day Women's Clinic meets the needs of the unborn, mothers, fathers, and families because of YOU!


We walk rain or shine!

We walk rain or shine!
Yes, the Walk for Life is still on even if it actually rains today!  We have been praying for the weather for months, but even if God says no, we still walk!  (unless of course there is serious severe weather)

We will have a few tents set up in the park and a limited supply of rain ponchos, so bring what you think you might need and join us rain or shine!

Our Calling

About Us

This website is your place to see what we are doing, who we are reaching, how you can get involved, and how you can support the work we are doing. We have a separate website for you so that you can get all the information you need and our clients don't have to sift through it all to get what they need. The two websites work together to accomplish our mission.  Our clients receive the priority care they need from a website dedicated to them and you are able to support them by having a website dedicated to helping you know how to do just that.

New Day Women's Clinic (NDWC) is dedicated to saving the unborn THROUGH nurturing and educating expectant mothers and their families and providing real help and healing for the women who suffer from the aftermath of abortion.

The Guardians of NDWC are the "soul" reason that this mission is accomplished. Without YOU, we don't exist...the unborn are at the mercy of fear, mothers are alone, fathers feel powerless, and families lack support.

We seek to empower, enrich, and equip the most vulnerable among us so that decisions are made in a place of love; NOT FEAR.

Through your generosity we ensure that wrap around care is available so that no mother, father, or family walks the long road of an unexpected pregnancy and parenthood alone. We work to connect them to every resource that will assist in overcoming the roadblocks that they face. We work to ensure that a mother never feels as though abortion were her only option.  Through our actions and our words they see the face of Jesus Christ.


***keep scrolling to see how you can support us financially, spread the word, volunteer, and most of all PRAY***
About Us



  •  6/25/2021 06:00 PM
  •   617 West Main Street, Lake Geneva, WI, USA
  •  10/9/2021 05:00 PM
  •   TBD
  • $0.00
  •  4/10/2021 09:00 AM - 4/10/2021 12:00 PM
  •   111 E Wisconsin St, Delavan, Wisconsin, USA

Please join us for our Annual Walk for Life as we equip you to be guardians of life in our community. This year is set to be our biggest event ever! We will be joined by Pro-Life speaker, Seth Gruber and you will have an opportunity to engage with the businesses that stand behind the mission here at New Day Women's Clinic. There is no cost to register; we just encourage you to raise pledges for your walk to support our 100% free services! Please indicate on the order form under "quantity" how many people are planning to attend.

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One time Donation

$ 250

Donation Amount

Become a Monthly Donor

We cannot pursue God's calling without monthly support from our Amazing Guardians of Life.  

Here is what your ongoing pledge keeps in place...

  • $2600/month pays the rent on the incredible facility God gave us
  • $5000/month pays the wages of the 6 staff that put in over 400 hours a month making the following happen:
    • Advocating for Life
    • Constant contact with clients
    • Ongoing mentoring and resource connections
    • Increasing community awareness
    • Forming partnerships to increase safety nets around our clients
    • Performing life changing ultrasounds
    • Connecting Volunteers to their callings
    • Constantly assessing programs and adding services to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community
    • Spreading the Gospel!
  • $500/month pays for our advertising to reach those who NEED US
  • $200 covers one appointment
  • $25/month pays for one of our clients to participate in our mentoring program
    • Our curriculum allows us to text and email lessons to clients and continue to engage them with over 150 lessons!
EVERY SINGLE MONTHLY PLEDGE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!  Never forget the woman who gave her last 2 coins.  No pledge is too big or too small as long as it is done to the praise and glory of our God and in support of what He has called us to.  

335 people at $25 a month ~~167 people at $50 a month~~83 people at $100 a month~~33 people at $250 a month.....

You MAKE THIS HAPPEN! You are here for a reason, God doesn't lead you anywhere by accident.

(Click this link to be taken to our secure monthly pledge processing partner website)

Other Ways to support NDWC

Purchase something from our wish lists

We have ongoing needs at our clinic that include everything from computers to furniture to educational items for our clients.  Please click the below links to be directed to our wish lists.

11-14 week fetal models​​​
12-26 week fetal models​​​

Amazon Wish List​​​

Host a Facebook Fundraiser

If you have a Facebook page you can easily raise funds for us through your own contacts.  This is two fold, you are helping us financially and you are spreading the word about who we are and what we do!  And we get 100% of the funds raised through Network for Good.

Are you in Direct Sales?

You could host a party in our name or donate a portion of your sales for a given time frame.  We will gladly provide promotional material to help make that happen!

Post Abortive Healing Retreats

Post Abortive Healing RetreatsPost Abortive Healing Retreats
If you or someone you know have been impacted by an abortion please know that we have an amazing partnership with twentyTHREE61 (please visit them at  They have announced their upcoming retreat dates for 2021.  

March 19-21
May 14-16 (Spanish)
September 17-19
November 5-7

All retreats are in Williams Bay.  Please reach out to Donna Brendel for more information and/or to register for the retreats.  She can be reached at 262-620-3608 or 



We offer our clients limited diagnostic ultrasounds in order to diagnose pregnancy. This is done by seeking these three things: *placement of the pregnancy *gestational age *viability (heartbeat) Our Nurse Manager is trained and certified to conduct these scans. Our Medical Director, Dr. Linda Peterson then reads the scans to verify the results. This is all done with our brand new ultrasound machine and our HIPAA compliant software!


Our team works to ensure that every person involved in a pregnancy has medically accurate information, connection to much needed resources and support, and ongoing wrap around care designed to provide a safety net around the most vulnerable among us. We were been able to offer our clients virtual appointments and have met the in person needs of moms in our community through the Covid-19 crisis. We are now fully open and offering all of our services!

Baby Boutique

We want moms and families to be rewarded for their efforts. So when they participate in our advocate and mentoring programs they earn "New Day Dollars" to spend in our brand new Baby Boutique! We now also offer emergency supplies through our Blessings Box outside of our clinic. Families are welcome to take the supplies they need along with our brochure to ensure they are able to provide for the immediate needs of their family. Our Guardians are welcome to help us keep this box stocked with diapers, wipes, small clothing items, blankets, and formula.

Sexual Risk Avoidance Education

We believe that our culture could truly stand to benefit from real sexual health information as God ordained it. Our SRA education program is designed by professionals to get to the heart of sexual activity and address relationships, sexual health, and ultimately re-frame abstinence in its glorious God given beauty. If you would like to be placed on our waiting list for future classes or for more information please email Lauren at

Volunteer Opportunities

Client Advocate

Our Client Advocates will walk our clients through their appointments. They meet with the client initially and do an official intake process. The advocate is supporting, listening, and caring for the client all the way through the appointment. She sits in for an ultrasound exam and does an exit meeting with the client at the end of the visit. The client advocate is responsible for understanding the client's position and remaining a consistent face and support for her throughout her appointment. We see it as a bit of a counseling role taking the form of a coach; someone who truly hears and sees the needs of the individual and provides care in the midst of the appointment.

Please email for more information

Community Outreach

Our Community Outreach volunteers are responsible for getting the community, businesses, and churches engaged in the work being done at NDWC. These volunteers are the ones supporting and advertising our fundraisers, and going to local churches and businesses to share the needs of the clinic. Our community outreach volunteers are the face of NDWC out in the community.

Please email for more information

Fundraising Committee

Those on our fundraising committee are a part of a core group of individuals dedicated to coming together to meet the needs of  New Day through creating and running fundraising events in our community. Those on the committee have experience with running or coordinating events. Detail and goal oriented individuals would thrive in this role! Comfortable communicating with a wide variety of people in potential large groups is necessary. Ultimately those on the fundraising committee are passionate about funding life-saving efforts in our community. This committee requires a chair person who oversees and runs the committee as a whole. This committee’s goal is 3 main events every year: The Annual Event, Our Walk for Life, and Our Wine Tasting Fundraiser.

Please email for more information

Baby Boutique Donation Organizer

New Day Women’s Clinic receives many generous donations from our surrounding community. Our volunteer donation organizers sort and organize the donations based on needs. The Donation Organizers organize our Baby Boutique (adding additional donated items when necessary and changing out the clothes based on the season). They check for expiration dates on donated items such as formula and organize our donations so necessary items are retrieved quickly and easily.

Please email for more information


We have an ‘Earn while you Learn’ program which is an online educational tool by Brightcourse. This allows for young moms to learn about pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, etc. Our mentors walk our clients through this curriculum. There are videos to stream, handouts, and discussion questions. This provides a unique one-on-one educational setting where you get to empower a mom to walk through the process with the knowledge she needs. Your primary role is to be an educator to these women and walk them through the curriculum.

Please email for more information

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