God is asking us to respond to COVID-19

Does anybody else feel like the blows just keep coming?!  I know we, at New Day Women's Clinic, sure feel this way.  The last year has been nothing short of orchestrated madness.  We have converted to a medical clinic, added an array of new services and resources, added staff and volunteers, increased our fundraising, received incredible training, and more.  In the midst of all of that we have endured relentless enemy attacks.  What area did most of the attacks come?  Our health.  And what now?! 

We withstood the attacks and pressed on to finish our hands on ultrasound training.  ONE WEEK LATER....COVID-19.  So what do we say to this?  Is this an attack?  Is God allowing this to happen?  Is there something we are missing? Why now?  Why is this happening?  These are all valid questions, and ones that I am sure millions of people across the globe are asking themselves in one way or another.  

For us, it is a time to pause and assess.  We have been running like a freight train for the last 14 months.  We are taking a moment to catch our breath, ask some important questions, and let God lead us to exactly what He has in mind for all of this.  

This is what we have found in our seeking:

  • There is a purpose in every detail.  He misses nothing.
  • We desperately needed a chance to breathe (anybody seen the sign on the wall of our lobby?  It says breathe....I don't think any of us were paying attention to it!)
  • Our faith is being tested.  We will stand firm and not be shaken.
  • He is doing something new through us.  WE HAVE TO SEE IT!

He has provided answers to the question: "What are we supposed to do now?!"

  • We are a couple weeks away from launching a new Sexual Risk Avoidance class ONLINE!  With all youth home with their parents, what a more perfect time to give back control of sexual health education.  This curriculum focuses on relationships, healthy boundaries, abstinence, spirituality, and more.  We get the chance to be proactive and empower parents to be the first line educators of their children. Interested parents can preview our middle school and high school curriculum to decide for themselves if it is right for their child/children.  Then they get to oversee the lessons in a virtual setting.  If you or someone you know is interested please email Lauren at lauren@ndwomensclinic.com!  
  • We are working on virtual platform to provide medical consults to patients with questions about their pregnancy and their options.  This will obviously serve us right now as we have closed the office while we assess the ever changing situation.  But it will also serve in the future.  We anticipate that this platform will allow us to build a relationship with those who are at first reluctant to meet us face to face.
  • We have created policies and procedures that will be implemented to keep staff, volunteers, and clients safe when God gives us the green light to open our doors again.  For right now we are assessing appointment requests on an individual basis.
  • We are using the features of our amazing BrightCourse curriculum that allows us to email and text lessons to our clients.  In addition, we are working on being able to do mentoring appointments online through Google Meet.
  • In the midst of all of this we have been given the opportunity to show this community who we are at heart, an organization full of people who exemplify Christ at every turn.  We have partnered with Open Arms Free Clinic and the Walworth County Food Pantry to provide emergency supplies including diapers, wipes, and formula to those in need.  Open Arms has allowed us to place these supplies in their "mini library" making them accessible 24/7. 

Whatever the reasoning for all of this chaos in our world, we cling tight to our hope, our calling, and our peace.  We are confident in God's provision over every single aspect.  We will continue our mission to save the unborn through nurturing and educating and we will not be shaken.  

The unborn, moms, dads, and families count on us to be their beacon of hope.  We count on YOU to ensure we are able to! There are several ways you can step in:

I pray that each one of you clearly sees the calling that God is placing on you as you read about what we are doing.  And I pray that He blesses you for your faithfulness.  

Blessings to all of you!

Ashley Dewart

Executive Director