An ounce of Prevention is worth what....

Just when you think you have it all figured out and are ready to blast full steam ahead....God asks you to wait.  We had to trust that He had something big in mind.

When the COVID-19 pandemic started and Wisconsin shut down, we were just coming off of our hands on ultrasound training and we were beyond excited to put into practice everything we had been working toward.  We are an essential service, but with all of us bringing our children to work we decided to close the office except for emergency appointments. 

I prayed...and prayed...and prayed.  "God, why now?!  We have worked so hard.  There are moms and babies who need us!" I if He didn't know that.  So I began to ask, "Ok Lord, You obviously have something You would like from us.  Please lay it on my heart what You need us to do."

The answer came.  I shared with my staff, "we need to invest in our sexual risk avoidance education and bring it to the families that are now home and give them the opportunity to invest in their children's future".  

God asked us to invest in a bit of prevention.  

So, we were faithful with the task He assigned and the rewards have been nothing short of amazing.  

Our staff has been teaching 10 high schoolers and 7 middle schoolers sexual risk avoidance education in an online/virtual format.  Lauren and Susanna put in countless hours of prep work to modify our curriculum to meet online standards put forth by the Center for Relationship Education ( ).  

Our curriculum is relationship based and focuses on healthy relationships, boundaries, God's design for marriage, and more.

Here is what families are saying about this ground breaking work: 

"I love that the girls are learning this now!  I think how much heartbreak and pain I would have avoided had I been aware of toxic relationships.  This is such an important lesson and we've had some really great conversations in our family after your teaching on Tuesday.  Thank you for taking the time to launch this class!  I pray it becomes a mandatory class in our schools, how awesome would that be?!"

"Thank you so much for investing your time and talent into these precious young ladies.  This is really important work you are doing and I believe these girls' lives will be positively impacted through this class."

When God calls, we answer.  And in this case we were given the opportunity to see that God not only wants us on the after side of an unexpected pregnancy, but on the before side; breathing life into His precious young ones that they might turn to Him and receive life!  

You have an opportunity to be a part of all of this.  We have a goal to get this curriculum into at least 3 schools in our community this fall.  

This shut down has also given us a chance to catch our breath, refresh our souls, and we are now ready to swing our doors wide open offering all of our medical services!

The impact of COVID-19 has been felt far and wide and we are not immune.  The abortion industry is not missing a us to catch that beat and make a difference!

If you and our other online guardians all gave just $15 a month our nursing, intake, and client services staff would all be paid for an entire year.  Jen, Lauren, and Susanna meet, firsthand, the needs of our community...

$15 a month to give young women (and men) a opportunity to learn who God is and to follow His calling on their lives...

$15 a month to give a view of the life of an unborn child...

$15 a month to give a mom (and dad) an opportunity to make life choices for their (and their child's) future....YES, I CAN DO $15/MONTH!