You are Essential

How are you feeling today?  Have you adjusted to what appears to be our new norm? We pray for all of you regularly, because we feel it all too.  Our staff, volunteers, and Board of Directors have all been affected by the isolation, financial uncertainty, overwhelming negativity, and the weight of the unknown.  So we are certain you have too.

What God Says...

Do not fear. Trust in Me. Increase your faith.

He has called us.

Therefore He has also called you.  We are essential and YOU are essential.  WHY?  Because without you, we CANNOT serve.  It is that simple.

In the chaos of the last month we, like many organizations have seen our financial support dwindle. And we get it.

But here's the thing...if we, who are believers, who have our hope in Jesus, are worried and anxious about the future; imagine with me for a moment, if you will...the anxiety felt by a woman who does not have Christ in her heart AND has now found herself pregnant during this chaos.

How does she proceed?


I ask you...what is our mission?

To eliminate that fear by nurturing and educating her and her family so that the UNBORN STAND A FIGHTING CHANCE!

Your faith + Our mission= LIFE

Please don't delay in offering your best to God through New Day Women's Clinic so that the most vulnerable among us can be introduced to life giving truth--That they are valued and love, so that they can value and love their unborn child!