Become a Monthly Donor

We cannot pursue God's calling without monthly support from our Amazing Guardians of Life.  

Here is what your ongoing pledge keeps in place...

  • $2600/month pays the rent on the incredible facility God gave us
  • $5000/month pays the wages of the 6 staff that put in over 400 hours a month making the following happen:
    • Advocating for Life
    • Constant contact with clients
    • Ongoing mentoring and resource connections
    • Increasing community awareness
    • Forming partnerships to increase safety nets around our clients
    • Performing life changing ultrasounds
    • Connecting Volunteers to their callings
    • Constantly assessing programs and adding services to meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community
    • Spreading the Gospel!
  • $500/month pays for our advertising to reach those who NEED US
  • $200 covers one appointment
  • $25/month pays for one of our clients to participate in our mentoring program
    • Our curriculum allows us to text and email lessons to clients and continue to engage them with over 150 lessons!
EVERY SINGLE MONTHLY PLEDGE MAKES A DIFFERENCE!  Never forget the woman who gave her last 2 coins.  No pledge is too big or too small as long as it is done to the praise and glory of our God and in support of what He has called us to.  

335 people at $25 a month ~~167 people at $50 a month~~83 people at $100 a month~~33 people at $250 a month.....

You MAKE THIS HAPPEN! You are here for a reason, God doesn't lead you anywhere by accident.

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